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Pregnancy Care

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Pregnancy Care

Preconception Counseling

We stress the importance of a preconceptual visit. We will cover your nutrition, lifestyle choices, work/home environment and your support systems. Genetic counseling is encouraged because it enables future parents to be fully informed about their individual situation. However, we respect the fact that some couples have religious or other personal reasons for not wanting genetic testing. Alternatively, some families may have experienced tragic genetic problems and may request testing that is not generally considered standard in the mother’s age group. Since the parents are the ones who must live with the consequences of these choices, we feel that they are the ones who should make the final decision on genetic testing.

Prenatal Care

Once pregnancy has occurred, we really have two patients to care for: the mom-to-be and her unborn child. The safety of both of these patients is our primary goal. Our practice offers state-of-the-art technologies such as nuchal translucency (NT) screening, a non-invasive alternative to amniocentesis for early screening of Down Syndrome and Edwards Syndrome.

Diet and nutritional counseling is provided to help the mother attain an adequate weight gain without “overdoing it”. Nutritional safety (i.e. fish for omega-3 but without mercury or PCBs) is important and we educate our patients on these issues.

We also treat many of the conditions commonly associated with high-risk pregnancies such as diabetes, hypertension, multiple pregnancy, prior pre-term birth, recurrent miscarriage and advanced maternal age.

Labor & Delivery

Even though Dr. Sargent has delivered thousands of babies, he still considers it a thrill each time he helps bring a new person into the world. He considers it an extraordinary privilege to be part of this miracle and everything is done to make the experience a joyful one.

Our patients are offered every option for labor pain relief—epidural, natural methods, or medicine—it is completely the mother’s decision.

Because ours is a solo practice (one of the few left), patients can expect that Dr. Sargent will be there to deliver their new little bundle of joy. We find that patients are very comforted to know that the same doctor who has cared for them throughout their pregnancy will be the one by their side on the big day. Of course, there are a few occasions when it’s not humanly possible for Dr. Sargent to be there and, in these rare situations, he relies on a trusted colleague to provide the same sensitive, quality care that we provide.

Foods to avoid in Pregnancy: tuna fish, swordfish and raw fish, all deli meats, unpasteurized foods and store bought hummus.